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Mark Schuler’s camera and photography have been an integrating force throughout his life and have created a narrative across his travels, professional life, personal relationships, and artistic endeavors .  A review of his photography reveals images that frequently are not quite recognizable and yet they are real in the world.


STATEMENT:  My focus on the experience of the inner world looks at the space between what is easily seen and what is unrecognizable.  This space may be the emotional states of Agony and Ecstasy, emphasizing the point just before nothingness, or the Momentary Glances to the side that may sometimes feel familiar, but are not quite in focus.  This may also be the merging with an Object of My Affection, approaching a point when person and object may be united. In MA, (the space between times), a less palpable space between two moments is brought forward into the present.


I also focus on the nature of perception, drawing from my background in neuropsychology.  What we perceive is not always what the eye sees.  Our perception is shaped by our experiences, feelings, and beliefs, but processed by an organic neuronet known as our brain so that what we see is more recognizable and understandable.  My images frequently are presented in the way the eye may actually see an image, requiring the viewer's brain to process that space also.


My works rarely allow a person to just look and recognize. Reactions to my work have reflected the feeling of moving back and forth between the more easily recognizable and that which requires more effort.  A tension is created and requires the viewers to participate in order to develop their own experience of the space.  Image sizes are usually 16 x 20 inches, 20 x 25 inches, or 16 x 24 inches. A price list can be obtained upon request.


My partner, Robert Ball, and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota and have represented artists and sponsored musical salons for more than 20 years.  I practice as a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist, and continue to develop as a photographer, integrating professional and personal experiences.


I encourage you to look at my images and participate in that process.





 · Minneapolis College of Art and Design Continuing Studies (Susan Boecher)

 · Santa Fe Workshops (George DeWolfe, Joseph Holmes)

 · Palm Beach Photographic Center (Vincent Versace)

 · Private Study with Stevie Rexroth (Minneapolis College of Art and Design



 · 7th Annual International Color Awards Master's Cup: Nominee: Abstract-

    Amateur Division (selected image)

 · Walker Art Center-Minnesota Artists Online: Five Minutes of Fame



 · Linus Gallery 2014 Online Juried Exhibition: "Queer"  (Selected Image)

 · California State University-Sonoma: 'Across the Generations: An Homage to

                             Virginia Woolf and Bloomsbury"

 · Leaf and Bean, Bozeman, MT

 · The Daily, Bozeman Montana

 · Beaujo, Edina, MN



 · Galeria de Arte Fotograpfico, San Miguel Allende, Mexico

 · Gallery 360, Minneapolis, MN



 · Various private collections in Montana, Minnesota, Illinois and Texas



 · Michal Rovner

 · Uta Barth

 · Ute Pleuger

 · Stevie Rexroth

 · Michael Ackerman



 · BA: Psychology; Speech Communication/Theatre Arts

 · MS. Ed: School Psychology

 · Ph.D. Clinical Psychology




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