Within every glance, there is a series of moments that may or may not be noticed. When we engage in a conversation, each statement is embedded within the context of a greater whole, a greater meaning, and a greater universe, creating a dialog with a new persona. During a meditation, there are series of moments, series of thoughts, and series of feelings that occur and provide a new understanding of now. Dōgen (1200-1253 CE) wrote about permanence and impermanence, which included passing forward through and back through these moments in time to be part of a new perspective. Virginia Woolf wrote about those Moments of Being that seem to be memorable and potent, but not always connected. And yet, each moment became expanded into a whole universe of moments that persisted through time. This series in an ongoing effort to see that space between time, or moments, which is part of every experience, but is not always visible, because it is not noticed. At times, it is only the reflection or essence of that moment that can be seen or experienced. Through this series, the space between an arbitrary beginning and the ending point of that momentary image is explored. This examination begins by photographing a space at regular intervals over a designated time and then combining all images into a single visual moment. While the permanent space may initially be most prominent, by participating in the image, the viewer can see the less permanent spaces become more present, more visible, and paradoxically expanded and more noticeable. Click on series name to view other series and their ongoing or related projects



Holocaust Monument

Barcelona Artistic Energy

Viewing those momentary spaces that gather while being here.

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In front of the Museu d"Art Contemporani de Barcelona, which offers the space and energy for these skateboarders to create their moment.

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