Momentary Glances, is the result of a continuing effort to see those spaces and moments in time that seem to be unnoticed, unimportant, and not understandable. I am interested in those momentary glances that may occur as part of everyday experience that go unnoticed or as part of a more mindful experience during meditation, when a gaze is anchored, but out of one's peripheral vision, there is an instant when something is noticed. At times, what is noticed is easily recognized, while at other times, what the eye sees during that moment is at best an impression, but not understood. Although our brains work diligently to integrate and create an understandable view that seems like a whole picture, the neuropsychology of sight and vision resembles this process of gathering momentary glances. When our eyes view a scene, photograph or a painting, they do not see it in its entirety. Rather, our eyes sample the scene, collecting data, until our brain synthesizes it and recognizes it as a whole image. I am interested in isolating those visionary moments, in a sense, examining the visual and temporal distance between the samples. This portfolio of images uses a "derivative" photographic approach to isolate these moments and is part of several evolving projects . A scene or a portrait is photographed, along with close-ups of various features in the scene. Selected images are then printed and rephotographed, in order to examine these features from a different angle, one that is anchored from a central point in the photograph These rephotographed features are momentary glances, seen as our eyes see them, but not necessarily as our mind interprets them. This approach allows the viewer to integrate these images, creating a singular impression of the photographic panorama. Click on series name to view other series and their ongoing or related projects











In the World

The glance that is focused on a single object, person, or place that creates a clearer impression

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Those glances towards a object of affection, particular interest, or fear

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 Glances around us, in isolation or in a crowd, but outside of us

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